Bio – Miriam Unger Ben-Zeev

Miriam Unger Ben-Zeev

Miriam was born & raised in Haifa, Israel; Married to Avihu and a mother of three; lived close to two decades in Toronto, Canada; a pianist who loves to play whenever the mood is right; studied at the Techniun Institute in Haifa; worked as part of the team for urban planning of the Old City of Jerusalem subsequent the Six Days War, and for years in various architect firms; studied Psychology at Haifa University.

On 1980, Miriam had published her first book, a novel titled “Measured Moments”. Currently Miriam is working on two other books. One in the field of Para-Psychology, whom she herself engages in every so often, and the other is a novel.

All her life Miriam has scribbled with a drawing-brush, however, the artist from within sprung forward intensively in 1978, and her artworks have been exhibited since in Israel & abroad and received rave reviews.

Miriam was a member of the Toronto artist classes, and her style is classified as Naturalism Expressionistic. Throughout the years, Miriam partook in many workshops of famous artists. Miriam exemplifies an exceptional capability of conveying a message in a very unique and defined line.

The catalyst for Miriam is mood and a unique thought, and that is the reason Miriam can draw up to 18 hours a day once in the mood.

Amongst her paintings one could fine landscapes, portraits, flowers, figures,  as well as still-life.  Part of her landscape painting has been influenced by the Canadian Scenery.  The precise dancer painting, accentuate Miriam’s perfectionistic character suitable to her gentle nature on the one hand and maximal on the other.

Throughout the years her artworks were sold in Gallery 68 in Canada, where works of many world-renowned artists are sold. In addition, Miriam has exhibited in shows in Israel and in North-America.

On 2004, Miriam was injured in a car accident and as a result of a trauma in her right hand she was prevented from drawing.

The two last Miriam exhibitions took place on March 2012 in gallery in Israel Bet Gabriel on the Kinneret. And on january 2013 in Joseph D. Carrier  Art Gallery, Columbus Center, North York, Ontario, Canada.